Visions of Self is the first annual show of the Women’s Voices, Women’s Vision group of Yosemite Sierra Artists. The show features over 100 female artists from 10 countries, with work including the subjects of self-portraiture, environment, emotions, and state of being.

Co-Curators: Wendy Denton & Jennifer Moss

Judges: Michele Ellis Pracy, Executive Director/Chief Curator Fresno Art Museum & Diane Breuer, Artist & Former Gallery Owner

Princess Be the Light

Naomi Brenneck
Chicago, IL United States
Painting: Acrylic

This piece was originally a part of a series that explored domestic spaces and inner dialogues. This painting focused on two things, objects in my home that bring me joy and thoughts that push and motivate me. “Be the light” is something I tell myself when I feel lost. It’s a reminder that darkness does not mean a lack of light and that light can be created from within ourselves. In many ways, this also ended up representing my experience with and love for Chicago winters. Brutal, sunless winters require Christmas lights, hot cocoa, friends, and family. Watching the city come together and the effort to create light in famously dark and terrible winters is inspiring.

Price: 1500 USD

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