Visions of Self is the first annual show of the Women’s Voices, Women’s Vision group of Yosemite Sierra Artists. The show features over 100 female artists from 10 countries, with work including the subjects of self-portraiture, environment, emotions, and state of being.

Co-Curators: Wendy Denton & Jennifer Moss

Judges: Michele Ellis Pracy, Executive Director/Chief Curator Fresno Art Museum & Diane Breuer, Artist & Former Gallery Owner

Age 8: A Time of Chaos and Renewal

Wendy Denton
Oakhurst, CA United States

Age 8 is when I had surgery that left me permanently deaf in one ear and scarred in other ways. I am sitting in a falling down scene of chaos surrounded by other important times in my life: my wedding, 9th grade with a bouffant flip, high school graduation, age 4 sitting on a brick wall, my daughter with a baby goat. I am wearing my pandemic mask as I hold a birthday cake meant to celebrate that chaotic and confusing year that had a lingering effect on so many other occasions.

Price: 200 USD

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